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This project was a great opportunity to mix character specific design FX with live action wrestling. From being on set and working with the wrestlers to finishing complicated 3D and composites, it was a great time.


Production Company: Shilo
City/State: Bicoastal, USA
Director: Jose Gomez
Director of Photography: Jonathan Sela
Creative Director: Jose Gomez
Associate Creative Director: Tom Green
Editor: Stuart Waks
Assistant Editor: Brian Bonus
Writer: Nathan Caswell
Lead Designers: Ed Laag, Jon Lorenz
VFX Supervisors: Nathan Davies, John Cherniack, Walter Schulz
3D Animation Lead: Blake Guest
Lighting/Rendering: Erik Anderson
3D Tracking: Tim Turner
3D Interns: Ronald Edward Calica, Bun Iv, John Bloch, Ryan Corcoran
2D Compositing: Tom Green, Ed Laag, Jon Lorenz, Nathan Davies, Fabio LaMarche
2D Interns: James Camanyag, Stephanie Corda
Senior Producer: Hilary Wright
On Set Producer: Joyce Walker
Line Producer: Kelly Amato
Executive Producers: Tracy Chandler, Arthur Portnoy

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