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Me Destroys

Rick done goofed again! He took to yellin' at little Morty there, and Morty went off a cryin' into that forboding facility over there. Rick needs to set off to fetch him, but there seems to be a huge Mr. Meeseeks problem in the area. They're all pissed off and loaded for bear, and there's more and more every minute! Stop the Meeseeks and find Morty before existence itself is put to the barrel of a Meeseeks gun!

Game objective: Players must shutdown all the Meeseek spawning chambers, eliminate all remaining Meeseeks and figure out why there are so many, and why they're so pissed off.

Game Outline: The game is made up of a Game Master, and Players. The Game Master is in charge of moving the Meeseeks, enforcing the rules and then breaking them whenever they may see fit to make the game as creative, fun, and balanced as possible. The Players are mostly Ricks. Each player will control one or more characters depending on the consensus of the whole group. Remember that this DOES air on Interdemensional Cable, so we need to get it right. Show me what you got!



HP=Hit Points MV=Movement cm ACT=Action

Weapons count as items



Ricks must stop the Meeseeks at any cost.

  • 20HP

  • 5MV

  • 1ACT


  • 10HACK

  • 3 Item slots

  • Primary Weapon: Lazer Pistol (D10 Damage).



Mr. Meeseeks is preprogrammed to escape and kill anything in it's path to bring about universal non-existance. They are controlled by the Game Master generally. Meeseeks take a logical direct path to their objective as determined by the GM, and shoot their enemies as they go.

  • 12HP

  • 4MV

  • 1ACT

  • D10MELEE

  • 0HACK

  • 2 Item slots

  • Primary Weapon: Handgun (D6 Damage)



Morties are generally useless, unless whining is helpful. Morty's character complications are only matched by his ineffectiveness. Morties will roam the board trying to help out the best they can, but can be an inadvertent liability at the worst times. Nevertheless, a good Morty can fail upwards in astonishing ways. Ricks need to be creative to keep their Morties occupied.

  • 25HP

  • 7MV

  • 1ACT OR Roll D100, if 01, 21, 22, 33, 66, or 99, Morty gets 2ACT for current turn only.


  • 4HACK

  • 2 Item slots

  • Primary Weapon: NONE

  • Special Weapon: The GM and Player in charge of Morty will have to really consider the consequences of handing Morty ANYTHING dangerous. Before any special weapon use, roll a D4, if 1, Morty done messed up and he effects nearby Ricks accordingly.

  • Special Abilities: Morties can use an action to tell Rick he's the greatest. Roll a D20, if 3 or less, Rick is insulted instead and looses 3HP. If 4-10, Rick is indifferent, no effect. if 11 or more, Rick is adequately stroked and smugly reassured by 5HP.


The game is played by 3 or more people in about 30min per board, depending on the variables and individual ability to interpret an amorphous game system.


One player must be the Game Master, with all the rights and responsibilities thereto. The Game Master's job is to guide the players through the levels with pinache, control the Meeseeks and other enemies and keep the game fun, balanced, and flowing. The Game  Master can interupt the game at any time to assign or alter modifiers, change parameters, provide clues, introduce items, or anything they can imagine to keep the scenario entertaining and engaging for the players.

The Game Master must be aware of everything on the board at all times, especially keeping an eye on the Meeseeks to make sure the game doesn't bottleneck or get streatched too thin. Bear in mind, there is no winning the game for the GM, so conquering the board with a swarm of Meeseeks from your omnipotent position is going to just make you kind of a jerk. Making an engaging experience is the GM's true reward.


Players generally control Ricks. They have full control over their character within the rules. Player may conspire with one another how to best solve the room, and can take their turns in any order. The Player's goal is to successfully complete objectives and exit the board safely. -That's a three pointer.


People observing a game in play should grab a figurine and join in. Players can be introduced at any time, but may only exit an active game when their character becomes deceased.



1) Meeseeks (Game Master)

  • Resolve per turn modifiers. Poision, on fire, gun jammed, etc.

  • If Meeseeks Spawn. Roll to fill D6 meter. If meter reaches 6 or higher, Meeseeks is spawned, and the meter goes back to zero. This is done once for every portal in play per turn. If Meseeks is spawned, a dice relative to the number of Meeseeks' objectives remaining is rolled to determine which objective that Meeseeks is persuing. It becomes available to play immediately.

  • Movement. A Meeseeks can move up to 4cm per turn in a straight line and will take the most direct route as determined by the Game Master. Meeseeks loose 1 point of accuracy for every 1cm moved.

  • Action. Press button, use item, use weapons, etc. Shooting.


2) Ricks (Players)

  • Resolve per turn modifiers.

  • Movement. Ricks can move up to 5cm per turn, where a 5cm move would be a sprint, effecting aim accordingly. Ricks loose 1 point of Accuracy for every 1cm they move in a single turn. If a Rick enters an area he can seek cover in, he must declare "seeking cover," and the GM determine if the cover is valid.

    • COVER: While in cover Player gets ACU+2 Attacking character get ACU-2.

All players must complete the movement phase of their turn before any player can start the Action phase of the turn.

  • Action. Shoot, Special Weapon, Special Ability, Preform Task (hack, press button, etc).



  1. Pick target.

  2. Determine distance to target. Consult ACU chart for initial roll and calculate cover and modifiers for ACU penalties/bonuses.

  3. Roll D10 to determine if shot is a hit.

  4. If hit, roll for damage and adjust target's HP accordingly.


If a player's character's HP reaches 0, they are deadski. The deceased is to be placed on it's side for one full turn, then removed from the board permanently. Player controlling newly deceased character can respawn that character from the entrance on the next turn with default stats and loadout. Meeseeks are to be removed from play the moment their HP reaches 0.


If a character need to press a button it can do so as an action in the same turn as reaching the button (bases touching). The buttons effects are instant and applied immediately.


Terminals are computers on the walls that need to be hacked. Each terminal has a hack meter level that needs to be reached to be hacked successfully. Characters have a hack attribute number that coincides with the dice type they need to roll to hack the terminal. One action must be used each turn to hack a terminal, and once a player begins hacking, they must continue to do so until the terminal is hacked or the meter level returns to 0. Once a terminal is hacked by the cumulative dice rolls equaling or exceeding the meter level, the terminal is hacked and the effects are applied immediately.


Mr. Meeseeks is usually an enemy of the players, controlled by the GM. Some Meeseeks come from their origin  a little incomplete, these Meeseeks have a handicap based on what they are missing. An armless Meeseeks will still try to reach the objective button, but will have a hard time activating it, cloging up that point on the board. Some come through with no predetermined mission, and will wander aimlessly until purposed by a character by touching bases and using an ACT to take charge of Mr. Meeseeks. The player can do one of two things with Mr. Meeseeks. 1) Use Mr. Meeseeks as a playable character he controls until it dies. 2) Send Mr. Meeseeks on an errand the GM will interpret and execute. Once a Player controlled Mr. Meeseeks dies, it is removed from play immediately, and does no respawn.

NOTE: If a Meeseeks successfully exits the board, it is removed from play immediately, and all Ricks get D10 +5 Damage. Game ends if all Ricks are eliminated.


Morty has run into a facility in tears after a pretty standard exchange, and Rick has begrudgingly followed. Inside, Rick realizes something is wrong as he is immediately besieged by a mob of malicious Mr. Meeseeks. They are brandishing firearms and shooting everything that moves, frothing about existence or something. They seem to be coming from further in the facility. Rick summons the aid of other Ricks from the multiverse and convinces them it's better for the outlier Ricks to quash this little Meeseeks kurfluffle before the council of Ricks gets wind. Support Ricks arrive, and a few "told ya' so's" later they head deeper into the facility, gunning down the Meeseeks as they go. All they know is they can't let a single Meeseeks escape, they must stop the flow of angry Meeseeks, and I guess, find Morty before it's too late!


Terminal Hack

Used during action phase as 1ACT. Rick must hack the terminal to meter level 10. Roll a D10 to determine how much Rick has hacked the terminal. Hack must be repeated as action every turn until it's meter reaches 10, or it must be restarted again from 0. The terminal can only be hacked once per turn by one Rick only.

Route Markers

Numbered markers may be placed on the board to route the path of non player controlled characters. The character will follow the route markers in sequence to reach it's objective  unless it is compelled to do otherwise.


Buttons are objectives that complete a larger task. To press a button, a player must simply reach it and use an 1ACT.


Reaching an exit immediately removes a player from the board, and triggers any subsequent events.


Laser Pistol -Fires laser bolts

Can fire 1 shot per turn.

D10 damage.

Normal accuracy.

Handgun -Fires bullets

Can fire 1 shot per turn.

D6 damage.

Normal accuracy.



Grenade -Explodes


3 Character inventory limit

1ACT for each grenade thrown

30cm Throwing Range

D4 -2 Deviation Distance

3cm Blast Radius

D10 Damage (roll for each victim in radius)

Portal Gun -Creates portal.

The portal gun shoots a portal 3cm in front of shooter. Player shooting chooses a second portal site anywhere on the board floor where there is enough space. Roll a D12 to determine Deviation Vector, and a D4 to determine Deviation Distance in cm. A third D12 roll is used to determine the portal's Front Vector. Playing with portals is complicated business. If deviations put portal out of play, the portal collapses and is useless. If portal is successful, it remains open until two characters step through it, or it collapses next turn at the start of the casting player's action sequence. Portals are two-way, but can only be entered from the front. After use, a portal gun requires a 4 turn recharge period.


Regenerest™ -A syringe of fleshy goop injected into the wounded to heal them.

5 Character Inventory Limit

1ACT per use.

+10HP to effect character.


Note: Deviation Vector and Distance is a way to randomize the landings of THROWN objects/events. At the start of the game, choose a direction to be permanant North, or 12 o' clock. The roll of a D12 determines which way o" clock we deviate from initial point, and rolling a D(x) will determine the Distance away from the initial point the event happens along the Deviation Vector.

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Me Destroys

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