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This project was challenging from a lighting perspective. The client wanted a very designed room to feature the products, after some concepting, a branded clean room was the direction. We bathed it in light to be sure it looked as clean and perfect as possible, which drove render times up to undeliverable. Due to the brushed aluminum surface properties of the featured computers, it was important the accurate light data meet their gemoetry to illuminate them evenly. To circumvent the render overhead of the room, it was rendered 10K onto an environment ball and used in lieu of the real room in most shots.


Design, Animation, Visual Effects: Leviathan
CD: Nathan Davies
Lead 3D: Nathan Davies
Lead Compositor: Chris Beers

GFX Animator: Steven Greenwalt
Editor: Mike LaHood
Producer: Lauren Shawe
EP: Chad Hutson
ECD: Jason White
VFX Director: Matt Daly

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