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  This series is part of an attempt to get web 3D realized in some commercial aspect. I was amazed at how much detail I could push through this easy to use engine. Send the viewer to fullscreen and see if you can find the thumbprint on one of the faucets!

(HINT: it's on the Composed faucet)


  Ultimately KOHLER declined, not because they weren't blown away, but because they realized the scope of the project to do it to their standards across all their products. However, I still feel there is a place for web 3D in commercial websites, and look forward to any opportunity to further this goal.


This project was for Ubisoft's 2013 E3 Press Event in Downtown L.A. We not only did the main five screen animation, but precisely projection mapped a very complex surface to accentuate the main content. Total projection area 6,000sq/ft, 8k of streaming content.


Client: Ubisoft
Production Company: Leviathan
CD/3D/2D: Nathan Davies
Editor: Andrew Maggio
Lead Compositor: Chris Beers
2D/Composite: David Brodeur
2D/Composite: Kyle Shoup
2D/Composite: Aaron Edwards
2D/3D/Composite: Chris Russo
2D/3D: Katrina Nelken
Lead Engineer: Adam Berg
Producer: Lauren Shawe
EP: Chad Hutson
ECD: Jason White
Chief Scientist: Matt Daly
Sound Designer/Engineer: Joel Corelitz, Waveplant 

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