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This collection from the best of a SmartCar campaign showcases the painstaking time lapse photography under simulated time lapse large format animation graffiti.


Director: Jose Gomez
Co-Production Company: Shilo
Associate Creative Director: Tom Green
Director of Photography: Daniel Ortega
Editor: Josh Bodnar
Character Designer: Ken G. Lee
Animation Director: Brian Covalt
Cell Animation: Max Keane, Melvina Wong, Katherine Morris
Compositing: Tom Green, Nathan Davies, Stephanie Corda, Garrett Marks
Compositing Assistants: Gary Jones, Steven Galvez
VFX Artist: Tim Turner
Storyboard Artist: Mark Pacella
Assistant Editors: Zach Vandlik, Garrett Marks, Chris Halmo
Line Producer: Jeremy Yaches
Development Producer: Sheina Dao
Senior Producer: Hilary Wright
Head of Production: Julie Shevac
Executive Producer: Arthur Portnoy

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