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This set of projects was part of Shilo's ongoing Scion series. It took an incredible team and some long nights to visualize the twisted world of "The Little Deviants." Anytime you can show a character barfing on a car and get it to air with pleased clients is my kind of gig.


Production Company: Shilo 
Creative Director: Jose Gomez
Lead Design: Tom Green, Jose Gomez
Editor: Tom Green
2D Animators: Tom Green, Jose Gomez, Jason Doherty,Nate Davies, Ed Laag, Eugene Gauran 
3D Designers: Ethan Summers, Cody Smith, Trentity DeWitt,Nate Davies, Matt Foley, Roberto Jauregui, Blake Guest, Tamir Sapir
3D Modelers: Trentity DeWitt, Nate Davies, Matt Foley, Ricardo Ariza,Joey Struve, Brett Briley, Blake Guest, George Longo, Scott Denton
3D Animators: Trentity DeWitt, Nate Davies, Matt Foley, Eugene Kim
Character Animators: Kiel Figgins, Richard Lico, Jorma Auburn,Chris Mead, Bren Wilson
Producer: Jake Hibler
Executive Producer: Santino Slobadick

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