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For this project we were tasked with creating an exciting car chase in a stylized world featuring the iconic hero Hankook tires.

Director: Shilo 
Production Company: Shilo 
Creative Director: Jose Gomez 
Lead Design: Tom Green, Jose Gomez 
Editor: Tom Green, Andre Stringer 
2D Animators: Tom Green, Jose Gomez, Nate Davies, Eugene Gauran 
3D Designers: Ethan Summers, Cody Smith, Trentity DeWitt, Nate Davies, Matt Foley, Blake Guest
3D Modelers: Ethan Summers, Trentity DeWitt, Nate Davies, Matt Foley, Blake Guest, George Longo, Joey Struve 
Matte Painter: Dylan Cole 
3D Animators: Kiel Figgins, Trentity DeWitt, Matt Foley, David Weinstein 
Executive Producer: Santino Sladavic 
Producer: Jake Hibler

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