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Fractalis is a WORK-IN-PROGRESS study of fractals and their applications in math, science, and art. Pages will change as content is added/edited. All artwork ©nathandavies unless otherwise noted or cited.
The main artistic body of work for the Fractalis study, presented in a magazine style layout.
Additional finished pieces not included in the main Fractalis collection.
An in depth look at what a fractal is, it's history, and it's manifestations in nature, science, and art.
A small collection of artists, developers and websites with interesting fractal work.
Ringu 3.jpg
Quick turnaround images from the faster of the fractal rendering engines.

Fractalis is a study in progress, and I want your input on how It's going, and how to improve. What works, and what doesn't? This two-bit wants your two-cents, so chime in now.

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Updated periodically

Animating fractal parameters. Small numerical changes can lead to profound differences in the model dimensions.

Slice of a 3D fractal exported from MB3D to Modo.



Fractalis is a collection of 3D fractal paintings I have created using various 2D/3D fractal engines and techniques.

It is a comprehensive study of fractals primarily from the computational artistic perspective. It was conceived and executed as a project to serve two purposes. First, to educate and help people understand the simple beauty and complex magnitude of the visualization of a math equation. The second is to use the random and chaotic nature of these shapes to paint in a very abstract way that showcases the majesty of these enigmatic algorithms.

In this study I endeavored to utilize every technique I have learned and developed over my decades of artistic training and creative exercise. It was very engaging to manage all the components of this study and show the way a larger studio would for a client or museum. My goal is to have an engaging experience that the viewer will walk away from with a better understanding and deeper appreciation of the capricious and infinite fractal.


Production IN8T1ON design
CD/3D/2D: Nathan Davies

FOS Render Contributors

-Devon Molinsky

-The Majestic Group



-Mandelbulb 3D



-MonteCarlo Render

-VoxelStack Export



© 2018 Nathan Davies.

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