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This piece is for Parker Brothers' classic board game Clue, updated and augmented to appeal to a more modern audience. We challenged ourselves to create a "moving painting" look, that felt natural without the typical flicker and disengaging jerkiness of more traditional techniques.


Production Company: Shilo
Creative Director: Jose Gomez
Art Director: Tom Green
3D Team: Kiel Figgins, Cody Smith, Nathan Davies, Bren Wilson, Kenny Roy, Erik Anderson, Blake Guest, Zee Meyers, Delano Athias, Thomas Judd, Chris Christman, Mike Rader, Ryan Kirkwood, Anthony Fung
Matte Painting: Zach Christian
Lead Designers: Austin Blassingame, Ed Laag
Compositing: Ed Laag, Eugene Gauran, Jon Lorenz, Austin Blassingame, Nathan Davies, Tom Green, Jose Gomez
Editor: Akira Chan
Asst. Editor: Nathan Davies, Hedia Maron
Production Coordinator: Katlin Bradley, Brittany Geber
Interns: Lucas Miller
Producer: Jake Hibler
Executive Producer: Santino Sladavic

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