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This live project was a MASSIVE undertaking. Leviathan built a custom 3 dimensional stagepiece 60ft wide and 20ft tall, complete with a "cockpit" booth for Amon Tobin to choreograph the show from embedded within. The stagepiece was precisely projection mapped with all custom video for a truly unique live experience.


Executive Producer: Chad Hutson
Executive Creative Director: Jason White
Chief Scientist: Matt Daly
Creative Director: Sam Gierasimczuk for “Piece of Paper” and “Go to 10”
Creative Director: Bradon Webb for “Journeyman”, “Wooden Toy” and “Kitty Cat”
Producer: Brandy Olsen
Programmer: Adam Berg
3D Animation: Jody Evenson, Katrina Nelken, David Brodeur, Nathan Davies, Blake Cartwright, David Brodeur, Dan Tiffany, Jimi Filipovski, Dave Pasciuto
Compositing: Tim Sepulveda, Erik Jensen, Nathan Davies, Chris Beers,
Design Development: Derek Weglarz, Gareth Fewel, Aaron Edwards
Assistant Producer: Krissy Estrada
Editor on “Go to 10”: Daniel Ryan

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