Harley Talk is a fictitious cartoon show featuring the imaginary character, Harley Miller. The events, actions, and dialogue of Harley, or any other character, may be dangerous, socially insensitive, ignorant, or otherwise illegal or moraly questionable. Harley Talk, Amin8tion, and nathandavies.tv do not condone the activity portrayed in Harley Talk, and discourages any person or entity from immitating anny of the behaivior depicted in Harley Talk, in video, photography, and the written word. Do not watch Harley Talk if you feel you are easily offended, or trigger easily. Those with PTSD of any type is urged to take precautions before viewing Harley Talk. Harley Talk is intended for adults, viewer discression is advised for persons under 18. Harley Talk is not affiliated with any outside agency (unless otherwise noted), religion, political alignment, or social cause. Harley Talk is an animated comedic collection of media for the sole purpose of entertainment, and should not be considered valid outside of that context.


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"Hey Y'all!"

Hey Y'all, join me, Harley Miller for my talk show,                                Harley Talk Show!

My name is Harley, I live in my house a ways way from town. I'm a miller moth by birth, but a party animal by night. I love critters, beer, all things pretty, and loud wheels. I hate cops, peyote, Merle, and the dumpster behind Burger Shack (long story) I'm a professional dancer and I made three hundred one dollars this one time. I got my own talk show "Harley Talk" show, and I talk about all types of great crap. I gotta go, now.

About ME!!

This is Merle. He's my boyfriend. He don't want his picture on the computer cause that's what cops use, and the internet is for faggots. That's mean about the fags, but right against the cops, but I'm not wanted so it's okay for me.


Conway ?

Conway is either my boyfriend or he's not. He's usually out on his motorcycle for months at a time. He says, "I'm like the breeze", but at least the breeze smells good.

My kids.

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You're crazy if you think I'm putting pictures of my kids up here. In no particular order, here's the roster so far:










New one!!


Aim for the heavens, and you'll shoot amongst the stars.

-"Famous Quote"

I live around here somewhere I think.

Look at my Instaglam pictures!!

More Harley Talk !!

Check back later for more Harley Talk show adventures!